Making Ends Meet

Making Ends Meet

Be Prepared In Advance: How To Plan Out A Successful Bazaar

Judy Gomez

If you've been assigned the job of planning out an outdoor bazaar event where different vendors can rent out tables and sell their items, you'll likely want to get a head start on planning out all the necessities. It's important to be prepared for both the number of vendors who will be there and the number people who plan on shopping at the outdoor bazaar.

Rent a Special Event ATM

Get in contact with an ATM company to find out more information about rentals they may have available. There are a lot of people who simply don't carry cash around with them anymore. However, many of your vendors may be people who are selling handmade items, such as jewelry, decorations, and paintings. If they don't have a card reader on them, they'll only be able to accept cash. It would be inconvenient for guests at the bazaar to see something they like and want to buy it without being able to do so simply because they don't have cash on them. If you have a rental ATM at the event, guests have the opportunity to take out cash if they need to do so.

Prepare For Rain or Shine

Are you planning to have the bazaar inside or outside? If the goal is to have it outdoors, make sure you plan accordingly. Be prepared for rain or shine by renting out canopy tents. You wouldn't want any rain to ruin the fun. Even if it's a sunny day, you may still prefer to have canopy tents covering the tables so that vendors don't have to sit directly under the sun while trying to sell different items. The canopy tents will provide plenty of shade if it's too hot and sunny.

Have Food Prepared For the Event

If none of your vendors are selling food, make sure you have food prepared for the guests. Some people may spend hours at the bazaar while looking around at all the different tables. If you expect to have dozens of vendors selling all kinds of items, you'll want to keep people at the bazaar as long as possible so that they end up buying some of those items. One way to keep them at the bazaar a bit longer is to offer them something good to eat. There are plenty of simple foods you can prepare for the bazaar, such as hot dogs, cotton candy, cookies, and even fried chicken. The food you have to offer will depend on the type of cooking equipment you have available. If there are some other people helping out with the bazaar, ask them to prepare certain dishes and bring them to the event so that all the work doesn't get put on one person.

Plan out a successful bazaar by making sure to rent out an ATM, get canopy tents to protect vendors and guests from both rain and sun, and have some food prepared. You'll need to contact different businesses and spend time setting things up, but it'll be worth it if all goes well. Visit a site like for more help.


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